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Why Prune your trees

When trees have had proper care early in their lives, there should be little need for structural pruning once they reach maturity. For mature trees, pruning will help maintain proper structure, form, appearance and health.

Terminology We Use

Evaluation & Recommendation - Our Arborists will inspect and evaluate your trees and provide you with a recommendation.

Thin Out - Remove branches to allow better wind penetration and air movement.

Deadwood - Remove dead and dying branches.

Prune Back to Reduce Overall Size - When possible will reduce the overall size of a tree. Reducing the overall size compared to topping a tree will help maintain the form and structural integrity of the tree.

Raise Lower Canopy - Removes selective low limbs to provide better clearance for pedestrians, vehicles, and more light for grass to grow.

Tree Removal - Cut down and clean-up.

Cut as low as possible - Cutting the trunk of the tree as close to the ground as possible leaving the stump in place.

Grind Stump - Grinding out the stump.

Remove Stump Grindings - Removal of grindings produced while grinding out a stump.

Removal Special Requests - Cut logs for firewood. Logs and limbs 6 to 8" in diameter are cut into sections approximately 18" in lengths and left lay.