Learn the Tree Terminology We Use for Services in Lancaster & York, PA

If you’ve ever needed to hire someone to work on the trees in your yard, they may have used some terms you didn’t quite understand. What’s the difference between tree pruning and pruning back, anyway? You deserve to understand the nuances and be crystal clear on the tree terminology used for your Lancaster or York, PA, home.

To ensure we’re on the same page when we make recommendations for the trees on your property, here are some common terms we use to describe our tree services. These services, which span from tree trimming to tree stump removal, are performed by our trained and educated team using the best equipment available. Plus, a certified arborist oversees the entire process. So when you are ready to get work done on your trees, call us for a free quote!

Tree Trimming Terminology

Like any other specialized trade, we often use terminology that may be unfamiliar to our customers. While some of these tree trimming terms can overlap with the tree stump removal and tree removal terms for homes in Lancaster & York, PA, the five listed in this section are the ones most often used for keeping your trees in pristine condition.

pruning a tree upclose

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is a term used to describe how we trim select branches and limbs. The branches we select absorb too many vital nutrients and do not leave enough for the tree’s main body. Removing them helps improve the overall health of the tree.

When trees have had proper care early in their lives, there should be little need for structural pruning once they reach maturity. For mature trees, pruning will help maintain proper structure, form, appearance, and health.

colorful trees and bushes against house

Thin Out

When we thin out a tree, we remove live branches from the tree’s outer layer that are duplicating or crossing. The removal of branches allows better wind penetration and air movement. When it comes to older trees, we don’t thin out more than one-third of the live foliage to protect its health.

Additionally, thinning out a tree helps improve the health of surrounding plants, such as shrubs, grass, and other trees.

dead tree branches


When we use “deadwood” as tree terminology describing the limbs of your Lancaster or York, PA, trees, we’re referring to dead or dying limbs.

trees that have been pruned back and shaped

Prune Back to Reduce the Overall Size

When trees become oversized or cumbersome, the best solution is to reduce the tree’s overall size rather than topping the tree. Reducing the overall size and height of the tree helps maintain its form and structural integrity.

tree canopy almost touching roof of house

Raise Lower Canopy

Removing low selective limbs provides better clearance for pedestrians and vehicles and more light for grass to grow.

Need Tree Trimming Services?

Regardless of your tree’s age, tree trimming services can improve its overall health. If the shape of your tree needs some work, or you need to remove branches to allow air and sunlight to come through, contact us for a quote.

Tree Removal Terminology

Sometimes you need more than just a branch or two removed from the tree. You may need the entire tree removed instead. Learn about the tree removal terms we may use when called to your property in Lancaster or York, PA.

removing tree and stump and other debris

Tree Removal

Tree removal involves cutting down, removing the wood, and cleaning up all debris from the process. Upon request, the wood can be cut into firewood-length limbs/logs 6″ to 8″ diameter and larger for an additional charge.

low cut stump

Cut as Low as Possible

Cutting the tree trunk as close to the ground as possible leaves the stump in place. Though, we also recommend tree grinding services, as leftover stumps can attract insects and fungi.

logs in fireplace

Removal Special Requests

Sometimes our customers want to use their cut logs for firewood. We are happy to provide this service for an additional charge. We can cut logs and limbs 6” to 8″ in diameter into sections approximately 18″ in length. We’ll leave them with you so you can use them for firewood.

Need Tree Removal Services?

If you have an old, diseased, or nuisance tree in the way, get in touch with our tree removal experts for fast and easy removal. Request a quote today!

Tree Stump Removal Terminology

Stumps left in the yard can be unsightly and dangerous. That’s why calling us for tree stump removal is important to ensure the job is done right and you can reclaim that space in your yard. Here is some of the tree terminology we use when removing tree stumps in Lancaster and York, PA.

expert arborist griding down a stump

Grind Stump

If you ask us to grind your tree stump, we’ll grind out the stump 6″ to 8″ below ground level. Surface roots are not included in the cost of stump grinding. If you want the stump ground deeper, we can do deep grinding (13” to 20” below the ground level) for an additional charge. Additionally, surface root grinding is available for an additional charge.

filling a wheel barrow up with a pile of mulch

Remove Stump Grindings

Some people prefer to keep the stump grinding on their property to use for mulching or composting. However, we also provide removal of grindings produced while grinding out a stump.

Need Tree Stump Removal Services?

Ready to get rid of that old, pesky stump in your yard? Contact us today to request your quote for stump grinding services.

For More Information on the Tree Terminology We Use in Lancaster & York, PA, Call Us!

Getting work done on your trees shouldn’t be confusing. That’s why we hope this tree terminology list for your property in Lancaster and York, PA, helps you better understand our process. If you still have questions or are ready to request a quote for our tree service, contact us today!

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