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When large trees on your property need to come down, there can be a lot of debris left behind, including unsightly stumps. Here at Doug’s Tree Service, we can help you eliminate the long-term nuisance of tree stumps in your yard following tree removal by including stump grinding as part of your project with us.

Whether your tree is removed as part of an emergency service or planned changes to your property, we will make sure you never have to deal with stumps or other tree debris left behind!

We are the Lancaster and York, PA region’s best resource for safe and clean tree removal, including stump-grinding services.

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Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps left over from fallen trees or previous tree removal can be a nuisance or a hazard. That’s why we include stump removal as part of our tree removal service. We use a process called stump grinding to break the stump into pieces for easy and complete removal.

We offer complete tree stump removal for trees we’ve removed throughout Lancaster and York, PA, as well as the surrounding area.

3 Big FAQs About Stump Grinding Services for Tree Stump Removal

While many of our customers have heard of stump grinding before they hire Doug’s Tree Service for their tree removal project, they still have many questions. These are some of the most frequently asked.

What Is Left Behind After Stump Grinding?

The short answer to this question is “a pile of mulch,” which you can use around your yard and garden or ask us to remove completely.

Stump grinding equipment utilizes a blade that pulverizes the tree stump and surface roots near your former tree’s base. This creates a pile of shredded wood and soil that may take up more physical space than the stump itself, at least at first.

Will the Tree Grow Back After Stump Grinding?

Depending on the species of tree you had removed, you may notice shoots appearing from the area of your ground tree stump. Mowing over these shoots or cutting them back with a saw may be necessary for a time. Eventually, the remaining root system from your former tree will use up its remaining energy, and the shoots will stop appearing.

Is It Okay to Leave the Tree Stump Instead of Grinding It?

Yes, though, you should be aware that the stump will decay over time. The decomposing stump may become unsightly or create an uneven area in your lawn that can be difficult to mow around. Additionally, the stump will be more likely to send up new growth and shoots for years into the future versus a ground stump.

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  Emergency Tree Care

Has a recent storm brought down large limbs or a tree on your property?
The weight of storm-damaged trees makes them difficult and dangerous to remove on your own. Doug's Tree Service has the right equipment and an experienced crew to remove large limbs and trees safely without risking further damage to your property.

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